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Man Invades Sleeping Trucker’s Cab And Breaks Windshield With His Own Head


A man is facing serious charges after breaking into a sleeping driver’s truck, destroying the cab, and then breaking the truck’s windshield with his own head.

Sleeping Trucker Stunned By Bizarre Attack

The incident took place last night outside Glanbia Foods in Gooding, Idaho.

According to reports, Jonathon Paul Apodaca, 35, was told to leave the Glanbia Foods plant where he was employed because of his bizarre behavior. Instead of going home, Apodaca reportedly broke into the cab of a sleeping trucker from Missouri. Apodaca dragged the trucker out of his bed and began demanding guns while wrecking havoc in the cab.

The trucker told Apodaca that he didn’t have any weapons and was able to get outside the truck and call 911.

It Took 10 Officers Half An Hour To Subdue Suspect

Ten law enforcement officers responded to the 911 call. Apodaca was still in the truck when the arrived, so they had to drag him out and tase him three times to subdue him — a task that took them about half an hour.

After Apodaca was finally arrested, he was transported to the hospital for self inflicted head wounds he had suffered by beating it hard enough against the truck’s windshield to break it out. He also managed to break the drive shaft and damage the steering wheel.

Bath Salt Use Suspected

Though police believe he was under the influence of a substance, his drug test came back negative, leading police to believe that he may have been on bath salts — which would not show up on a drug test.

He is facing charges of malicious injury, burglary, battery and resisting arrest.

The Missouri trucker was not hurt during the incident.

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