XPO Logistics Shooting

Georgia police are searching for a man who shot and killed a coworker during a dispute outside of the XPO Logistics facility yesterday.

Workplace Dispute Turns Deadly At XPO Logistics

The incident took place around 1 p.m. at 7135 Southlake Parkway in Jonesboro. According to reports, two XPO Logistics employees got into an argument inside the building over who was in charge. Later, their argument led outside, where one of the men shot the other in the head.

One witness reported that the victim was in his car when the shooter approached. He said that the victim put his hands up to show that he he was unarmed but the shooter shot him anyway.

Shooter Still On The Loose

There are currently murder warrants out for Antwan Latrell Thomas, 37, who is the suspected shooter. Police say that they expect to find him today.

It is unclear whether the two men ever argued previously.

The name of the victim has not been released.

If you have information on the shooting or Thomas’s whereabouts, please call either 911 or 678-610-4785.

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