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Trucker And Girlfriend Assaulted By Motorist In Oregon


Oregon State Police have laid multiple charges against a motorist who forced a semi off the road and then assaulted the driver and his girlfriend.

Man Faces Up To A Year In Prison For Attack On Trucker

The thirty-four year old motorist, Brandon Lee Hyde, is facing nine misdemeanor charges and is facing up to a year in prison for Saturday’s attack on Highway 97 close to Beaver Marsh.

According to reports, Hyde was driving a sedan when he forced a semi off the road. After the truck stopped, police say that Hyde got out of his car and began to assault the truck driver. The driver’s girlfriend attempted to call 911, but Hyde attacked her too.

Attacker Violently Resisted Arrest

Hyde left the scene and was soon located by police but refused to get out of his car. When he was forced out by officers, they were forced to pepper spray him because he violently resisted arrest.

Hyde has been charged with DUII, fourth-degree assault, attempted aggravated harassment, reckless driving, reckless endangering, resisting arrest and interference with making a police report. He pled not guilty to these charges.

He is being held on a $7,500 bail.

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