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Suspects Arrested For Throwing Coffee, Threatening Trucker With Gun


Last week two people were arrested for allegedly throwing coffee at a truck driver and threatening him with a “warning shot” from a gun following a road rage incident in Arizona.

The truck driver involved told CDLLife that he wants other drivers to learn from his experience. He said, “I would like to state that if you are in this situation just stay calm. Do not act aggressive. And take my experience as your lesson. Never confront even if they are in the wrong.”

The incident happened on August 2 around 4 p.m. at the Sunset Point rest area off of I-17. According to reports, a truck driver was attempting to park his rig at the rest area when he was cut off by a BMW. The BMW came close to causing a collision with the parking truck.

Rest Area Confrontation Gets Heated

After the BMW had parked, the truck driver went over to the car to make sure that the driver was okay and to let him know that he had been driving dangerously. After he approached the car, passenger Justice Hunt, 23, exited the car and threw coffee in his face. The BMW driver, Eric Casey, 31, fired a shot into the air from a handgun. The pair then left the rest area in the BMW.

The truck driver’s wife filmed the incident and her video helped to support his story. Dash cam video from the truck and witness testimony also “appeared to support the victim’s story and his apparent non-aggressive demeanor while speaking with the suspects,” according to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office.

When police caught up with Hunt and Casey, they admitted that they threw coffee and fired a shot, but said that they felt threatened by the truck driver, who they said would not leave them alone.

Casey was arrested for Disorderly Conduct With  A Weapon, Endangerment, and Threatening. Hunt was arrested for Disorderly Conduct.




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