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VIDEO: Police say trucker fell asleep before devastating crash


This video was just posted by the West Midlands Police (WMP); it depicts a truck that accelerates into stopped traffic after the truck driver allegedly fell asleep at the wheel.

WMP reported, “Mariusz Wlazlo, aged 47, plowed his fully-laden HGV into two cars at 43mph whilst traveling southbound on the M6 between junction 8 and junction 7.”

Two dashcams were able to capture this accident allowing viewers to see that damage from multiple angles.

The VW Polo driver, a woman in her 50s, that was struck spent weeks in the hospital with serious injuries. She suffered broken ribs and fractures of multiple vertebrae.

The other driver that was impacted, a Toyota Verso driver, was released from the hospital after treatment for back and neck pain the day of the accident.

The truck driver did not report any injuries.

At the scene, Wlazlo told police: “I think I went to sleep for a moment. I can’t explain as I don’t remember. It was like a dream.” Police press release does not indicate how long Wlazlo has been driving at the time of the accident.

Wlazlo holds a clean and valid license with no record of accidents or traffic infractions. Initially, he denied causing serious injury by dangerous driving, according to police.

Gareth Phillips, of the Central Motorway Police Group, said, “The collision has had a devastating impact on the victim in the Polo. Although she has made a physical recovery, she now feels unable to drive on the motorway.

Wlazlo was clearly not paying attention and indeed was accelerating into stationary traffic at the time of impact. It shows just how important it is to keep fully focused on the road and surrounding conditions and to always abide by the speed limit as displayed on gantry signs. If the speed he had been traveling had been any higher, this collision would likely have had fatal consequences.”

Later, Wlazlo changed his plea to guilty and was sentenced to 16 months in jail by Wolverhampton Crown Court on November 29, 2017.

Further, upon release Wlazlo is banned from driving for 3 years and is court ordered to take an extended re-test for his license.

Another commented saying, “It’s bad what has happened but there is nothing reported with regards to drink, drugs or any other factor. The only part of a statement from the guilty party saying he may have fallen asleep. The driver has been punished both via jail and a large ban plus also made to take an extended test once the ban is over. Even then the conviction will remain for another 10 years on his license. There will be no chance he will be in a CMV ever again. The traffic commissioner will make sure of that. Even when the conviction is gone they have access to his criminal record.”


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