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VIDEO: Pickup driver plays chicken with an 18 wheeler


Watch as a truck driver with nerves of steel manages to avoid a crash with a wrong-way pickup truck driver in his lane.

The video was posted by YouTuber Seth Hensel on November 24.

Thought the dash cammer was alert and able to maneuver in order to avoid the crash, many viewers were left wondering why there are so many wrong way drivers being caught on camera lately.

After watching the video, many people speculated about what was going on with the pickup truck driver.

Reddit user Bruce_Wayne_Imposter wrote: “Alcohol, being too old to realize something is wrong, both.”

Scribble_Box offered an even more alarming explaination for the pickup truck driver’s behavior: “Or suicide attempt. That guy was rippin’.”

Thromordyn, who is a prominent trucking YouTuber, weighed in: “F*$# everyone who (tries to) use a truck as a means of suicide. They won’t care when they’re dead, but consider the driver’s emotional trauma, and the potential for someone else to be injured or killed.

I don’t think this was a (direct?) suicide attempt. It’s just someone too stupid (whether natural, drunk, or otherwise) to realize they’ve gone the wrong way and turn around.

What do you think? Leave your best guess in the comments section.



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