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California troopers pull in a Tesla Semi for inspection


Troopers at the California Highway Patrol’s (CHP) Donner Pass Inspection Center recently shared their close encounter with a Tesla Semi.

Tesla Semi

In a Facebook post shared on August 10, CHP – Donner Pass  wrote, “The future has arrived…….The new Tesla truck tractor was inspected today at the facility.

Tesla Semi

When asked about the truck by interested Facebook users, CHP responded positively, remarking that the truck was “Very easy to inspect and very clean” and that the vehicle did indeed pass inspection.

The images of the Tesla Semi in a real-world situation inspired a variety of comments  from Facebook users about the look of the electric truck, its real-world capabilities, and what it means for the future of trucking.

For more on the interesting design of the Tesla Semi, you can click here.


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