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Trucker Plays Cat and Mouse With ‘Gun Wielding’ 4-Wheeler In Arizona


A road rage incident between a truck and a car were caught on dash camera in Arizona.

The road rage incident occurred during rush hour on Interstate 10 in Phoenix. The incident caused a traffic jam, forcing traffic to come to a complete stop. According to ABC15 news, an anonymous viewer caught the incident on his dash camera and sent it in.

On the video, you see the Dodge Dart aggressively swerving through traffic.  Seconds later, a bobtail and then a flatbed come flying by.

The bobtail eventually cuts off the Dodge Dart, forcing the Dart to come to a complete stop.  The flatbed driver is also forced to slam on his or her brakes, stopping just short of the Dart’s bumper.

According to ABC15, the incident began after it appeared that the driver of the Dodge Dart was pointing a gun at motorists. The bobtail driver was attempting to stop the Dodge Dart.  The gun later turned out to be a plastic toy gun.

The driver of the bobtail works for Turbo Express.  In a letter to the news station, Turbo Express backed their driver, “The video is just a part of the story and does not show the whole occurrence and puts our driver in a bad spot.”

In the letter, Turbo Express states, “The driver does not agree to publish the incident in T.V. We, as a company does not agree to publish it too.  The passenger car driver was pointing a gun to our driver and other driver’s on the highway — as you can see on the video, there were also driver’s stopping on the road to prevent firing a gun.”

At this time, the outcome of the situation is unclear.  ABC15 reports that several calls were made to authorities regarding the incident; however, it is not known if any charges have been filed.

What do you think, drivers, was the bobtail driver in the right or should he or she have backed off?

Watch the video from ABC15 below.



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