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Check out how designers crammed three bunks in this semi truck


In this short video clip, a truck driver trainer gives a tour of his company’s new Freightliner Cascadia to show how truck designers managed to fit bunks for three people inside.

The video features a quick interior tour of a 2019 Freightliner Cascadia which is outfitted with three bunk areas.

3 bunk

“So part of the reason that we have a three bunk truck is to train two students at a time,” explains the trainer, who is filming the video tour. “We’ve run the numbers on training two students with bonuses and all that they put into place, and guys, I just have to say…” he trails off.

The video tour also gives viewers a peek at the two students training in the three bunk truck.

Take a look at how three bunks in just one truck works in the video clip below.


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