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Flood aftermath photos show devastation — and hope — in trucking


As waters recede from a flooding event that recently devastated several midwestern states, startling images show just how much damage was done to trucking-related businesses — and highlight the essential role that truck drivers have in the recovery efforts.

Earlier this month, a “bomb cyclone” storm dumped massive amounts of rainwater into already full rivers in Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri, causing a severe flooding event that claimed several lives and doing billions of dollars worth of damage.

In the image below, you can see several truck stops located in Nebraska City off of I-29 — Sapp Bros., Pilot, and Cubby’s —  that were under flood waters.

Now, as flood waters in the affected areas start to recede, surreal photos show just how much damage the flooding did to some trucking-related businesses.

Recently shared images captured at a Love’s truck stop location and a truck dealership off of I-29 in Pacific Junction, Iowa, begin to show the extent of the flood damage.

Flooding Love's

Truck Dealership Flood

While many photos that are being shared on social media focus on the devastation caused by the flooding, others focus on the efforts that truckers are making to provide relief for midwestern farmers.

A recent Facebook post from the Nebraska State Patrol shared several stirring images highlighting the vital work that truckers are doing in hauling desperately needed hay to flood-striken farmers.

Flood Trucking

Flood Trucking

Flood Trucking

If you’re interested in helping with flood recovery efforts, you can click here for more information on how to do it.




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