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Ingenious sports drink solution saves driver from a ticket


This week, Colorado police say that they caught a driver who came up with an unusual solution for a broken tail light.

Police in Longmont, Colorado, say that they spotted a driver who had macgyvered a makeshift taillight using a bottle of red Gatorade and some duct tape.

Police said:

While we appreciate the ingenuity of this tail light, this is not a permanent solution. Working tail lights prevent accidents. 

CRS Colorado Revised Statutes Title 42 Vehicles and Traffic § 42-4-215 Signal lamps and devices–additional lighting equipment (1) To be operated on a road, any motor vehicle may be equipped, and when required under this article must be equipped, with a stop lamp or lamps on the rear of the vehicle that, except as provided in section 42-12-204 , display a red or amber light, or any shade of color between red and amber, visible from a distance of not less than one hundred feet to the rear in normal sunlight, that are actuated upon application of the service (foot) brake, and that may but need not be incorporated with one or more other rear lamps.

If your tail lights are broken, please get them repaired.

Police said that the driver was not ticketed.


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