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New bill would ban trucks from using Georgia highways except to deliver or pickup


Three Democrat Georgia lawmakers have submitted a bill that would all but forbid truckers from using any highways within the state.

The bill, known as SB 23, was introduced on Wednesday, January 16, by State Senators Donzella James, Harold Jones, and Michael Rhett. SB 23 would ban all trucks from using Georgia highways unless they were actively dropping off or picking up people or goods.

From the text of the bill:

No person shall drive or move on any highway any trailer or semitrailer unless such trailer or semitrailer is engaging in the pickup or delivery of persons or property or traveling to or from such pickup or delivery.

If the bill were to become law, violating the highway ban would be a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $1000 and/or a year in jail.

While it might seem that the truck ban could be tough to enforce, the section of the Georgia Code that the bill seeks to amend has a provision that allows for warrantless inspection for any vehicle that is suspected to be in violation of the article:

Any vehicle suspected of being operated in violation of this article may be the subject of an inspection conducted by any law enforcement officer who has reason to believe such violation is occurring, without the necessity of obtaining a warrant to permit such inspection.

CDLLife has reached out to all three senators for comment on the bill. This article will be updated when and if they reply.

Georgia’s legislative calendar has not yet been set and for now the bill remains in the Senate Hopper.

You can click here to view the bill for yourself.


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