Police say fired driver stole semi truck on his way out the door

Police say that he also tried to ram a police cruiser in a car.

Fired Trucker

Massachusetts police say that a semi truck driver is facing several charges after he stole a truck from his former employer after he was fired.

Police say that 31 year old Tennessee-based truck driver Terrence Suggs has been arrested and charged with ith receiving a stolen vehicle, assault with a dangerous weapon and failure to stop for police, WWLP reports.

The charges stem from the events that occurred when Suggs was fired around noon on Tuesday, September 3, from a Springfield, Massachusetts trucking company.

Police say that as Suggs was leaving the trucking company facilities, he stole a semi truck off of the lot.

The trucking company reported the theft and the semi truck was later found abandoned about mile and a half from the truck lot.

However, police later spotted Suggs in a car near Page Boulevard and Berkshire Avenue. They say that Suggs initially stopped but then made a U-turn and drove directly at a police car. The officer behind the wheel was able to take evasive action to avoid the crash.

Suggs eventually stopped and was arrested without further incident.