Home Trucking News This week on the CDLLife App – September 20, 2019

This week on the CDLLife App – September 20, 2019

This week on the CDLLife App – September 20, 2019

If you’re not using the CDLLife App, here’s what you missed this week.

What do drivers do when they have free time while waiting to load, unload, or on their 34? Chances are, they’re on the CDLLife App!

With all the sitting and waiting drivers have to do, finding an outlet for community and entertainment can be a great escape from reality. It’s not all fun and games on the app, though, it’s also a great resource for drivers, a place to ask for advice, get the heads up on road delays, weather and much more.

Favorite Posts This Week

While the CDLLife App has many features, one of the greatest features of the app is its community of drivers who post useful content for other drivers. This week, a lot drivers were sharing recipes and tips on good places to eat, and so many of them looked delicious and made us hungry!

If you’d like to get some more ideas about cooking in the truck or good places to eat, you’ll have to download the CDLLife App. Click here to download the CDLLife app for free and join the conversation.

The CDLLife App community is very tight-knit. Drivers check on one another, offer support develop relationships and forge true friendships. Each week, drivers are posting pictures of their meet ups with people they’ve met on the CDLLife App. This week, even more drivers were meeting up!

The road can be a lonely place, but keeping a pet with you in the truck can make it a lot less lonely. Check out this CDLLife App user’s furry co-driver, Daytona, a 1.5 year old rabbit. According to Dayton’s owner, he’s letterbox trained and knows tricks.

Familiar Face

Starting next month, you’ll be seeing weekly videos from a familiar face on the app, so make sure you subscribe to CDLLife’s YouTube channel — you won’t want to miss this!

We’ll be making the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on the app soon, so make sure to check back often.

Recent App Updates

Feed Updates – There have been several improvements in the community feed post ranking.

  • If you haven’t been on the CDLLife App in a while, you’ll see some of the top posts you’ve missed in recent days in your feed.
  • If you’re a frequent user, you’ll see more recent posts.
  • Posts from your friends will appear higher in your feed.
  • You’re less likely to see posts you’ve already seen.
  • Posts from Spam users will be much less prominent.

Upcoming App Features

We value our users’ feedback and we’re constantly working on updates to the app. Upcoming app features include:

  • Night Mode for Navigation
  • Navigation to avoid tolls
  • The ability to clear notifications
  • The ability to reserve parking
  • The ability to share more than one photo at a time
  • Improved search functionality

In addition, we’ll also be introducing a Leaderboard. The top users from each week will receive a badge and will be featured as prominent community members. Leaderboard users are determined by amount of time spent in the app, interacting, posting, using the navigation, leaving reviews, etc.

Each week, users will have a chance to move up the Leaderboard.

Notable App Features

Wrecker Services – Broke down and need assistance? The CDLLife App now shows wrecker services near you. Head to the “more” tab at the bottom of your screen and look for the Wrecker Service section to use this feature.


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