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75% of truckers are voting for Trump, according to political poll


A newly released political poll conducted by CDLLife found that 75% of truck drivers plan to vote for Donald J. Trump in the upcoming 2020 general election.

This is the first time that CDLLife has conducted a political poll asking our subscribed audience to give their thoughts on the upcoming election. The poll was conducted from 09/04/2020 to 10/27/2020. Over this time period, CDLLife contacted 347,511 current or former truck drivers to get their take on an array of political issues.  In total, we asked our respondents 30 questions ranging from who they planned to vote for in the upcoming election to preferences on policies that they feel should be the top priority for the next administration. 2,124 truck drivers responded to the survey.

75.5% of respondents said they would vote for Trump, 18.6% said they would vote for Biden and 5.9% said they would vote for an alternate candidate.

Since the pandemic hit, Trump has been a vocal supporter of truck drivers. In March, Trump Tweeted his appreciation for truck drivers. He tweeted out “THANK YOU” and the hashtag “ThankATrucker” to raise awareness about the efforts that truckers were making during the pandemic.

In April, Trump held a White House gathering to thank truck drivers for their heroics during the country’s shutdown.

In May, Trump Tweeted, “I’m with the TRUCKERS all the way. Thanks for the meeting at the White House with my representatives from the Administration. It is all going to work out well!”

On May 8, Trump appeared on the Fox News show Fox and Friends and told viewers via phone interview that truckers are “price gouged.” The President’s remarks were a direct response to trucker protests over low freight rates and lack of broker transparency that have taken place in Washington D.C. since May 1. Trump ended his remarks on the trucker protests by promising “We’re going to take care of that.”

While Trump may have the support of truckers, he’s projected to be behind in the polls. Real Clear Politics has Biden in the lead.

More than 62 million people had already voted early as of Monday, either in-person or by mail, and the figure could reach more than 85 million before Election Day. Overall turnout might surpass 150 million,” USA Today reported.

There are more than 3.5 million CDL holders in the United States. According to the U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS there are over 2 million Heavy Duty and Tractor Trailer drivers in the country.

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