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Top-Paying Carrier says ‘Truckers should be paid for driver-facing cameras’ and makes them optional


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Starting next month, one trucking company is flipping the script on driver-facing cameras with an unusual new policy designed to empower drivers with choice.

As more and more trucking companies make the decision to use mandatory driver-facing cameras in their trucks, Illinois-based GP Transco – the 3rd highest-paying carrier in the United States – announced this week that starting in February, it will be making driver-facing cameras a completely voluntary option to all company drivers, and stated that they will be paying drivers an extra 2 cents per mile if the driver chooses this option.

“Driver-facing cameras reduce distracted driving dramatically, but are under-utilized, largely due to the negative stigma about the technology”, says Marija Jamontas, the VP of Safety and HR at GP Transco. “We know that some drivers do not feel comfortable having them in the truck. That is why we decided to make them optional and to pay our drivers extra for having them. That way, we have a safer fleet, and drivers are compensated for their participation.”

While driver-facing cameras track distracted driving, they do not provide a live video feed of the cabin, nor do they capture sound – this is important to note since there is some misconception about it in the driver community.

This new option increases the top-paying carrier’s driver pay further and was announced this week following the company’s announcement of a Fuel Incentive profit sharing program for drivers, where drivers who are in the top 50% of MPG in their fleet get an extra 1 cpm bonus. 

GP Transco’s high base-pay, combined with these new incentives, the company’s weekly performance bonus program of extra 6 cpm (The OTP Program), and the benefits company drivers receive makes the carrier a top-choice for experienced OTR drivers. GP Transco even provides a realistic salary calculator on their website, where drivers can easily see what they can make at the company. It looks like 2020 is the year where carriers begin to do things differently, and GP Transco seems to be leading the way.

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