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Family issues chilling warning to truckers following murder of female driver


A family member of a female truck driver who was murdered earlier this month on an Alabama interstate has a message for other truckers who find themselves in dangerous situations: “DO NOT EXIT YOUR TRUCK.”

The body of 53 year old semi truck driver Christine Summers was discovered by a fellow truck driver lying on the road near her vehicle around 3:20 a.m. on August 19, at mile marker 118 on I-59/20 in the Birmingham area.

Her death is under investigation as a homicide by multiple agencies.

A woman related to Summers, Koneta Brown Westbrook, took to Facebook to give additional information about the circumstances surrounding her death and to warn drivers to stay in their vehicles in dangerous situations:

Words escape me. My mind cannot even wrap around what has happened. Christine Summers was a beautiful, hardworking, wife, mom, and grandmother. She and her husband, my first cousin, Lamar, have been truck drivers for, at least 30 years. They were team drivers for at least 20 or so of those years. Christine had been driving solo for a while now, due to some health issues Lamar has been dealing with. Last Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, was her last run. She was talking to Lamar on her headset, when she told him she thought she may have hit someone. She was on I59/20 in Birmingham, Al. Apparently she stopped to check, and that was the last stop she made. Someone beat her to death. There have been several of these interstate deaths reported lately. Word is that drivers are being targeted. Both my sons, some of my nephews, and several friends are drivers. Please be careful out over the road. We want you all to get back home safe. Apparently these people are throwing something at the trucks, making the driver think they have hit something or someone. If that driver gets out of his or her truck to check, then they may not get back in. And it’s not just in Alabama. It happened in Texas yesterday. Only the driver was shot, and then crashed his truck.
Drivers, please be aware of your surroundings. Vehicle drivers, be aware also. DO NOT EXIT YOUR TRUCK or VEHICLE. Call 911. 

Christine’s funeral was Monday.
Please keep the Summers family in your prayers.


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