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Go behind the scenes with a rising YouTube star who is calling for the trucking industry to be better


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One of the most innovative trucking companies in the U.S. just rolled out the latest chapter in their captivating driver-focused video series.

On Friday, October 30, Illinois-based trucking company GP Transco released the third part of their in-depth documentary series “The Story Of Drivers.”

This time, the series drills down into the career of GP Transco driver and content creator Josh from the popular “This Guy Trucks!” YouTube channel. In the video, Josh talks about balancing the demands of trucking, his unexpected YouTube success, and his family life.

Josh, who spent a decade in a cubicle working in IT before moving into trucking, brings a unique perspective to a notoriously tech-shy industry. “It could be the only industry I’ve seen where the industry lets the employees dictate what happens in the industry. So, there’s just something humorous about watching a guy that’s been on the road for 40, 50 years literally lose his mind — yell, throw stuff, and scream at people because things aren’t like they used to be,” he explains in the video.

After getting his start as a gaming YouTube content creator, Josh switched to trucking and is now up to 48.7K YouTube subscribers. He has become one of the most influential trucking YouTube content creators in 2020 and is using his voice to call for common sense changes to the industry.

Josh now regularly uses his platform to call out trucking companies for deceptive recruiting practices, outdated driver pay systems, problems with dispatchers, and the need for modernization within the industry.

“In trucking, I’m very outspoken about how I think the industry could be better and more modern, but not so much in other things. I think this is the first thing I’ve ever done… because trucking consumes your life. So when I’m out there it’s just easy to spot the things that are wrong,” Josh said.

Josh also uses his social media presence to guide younger drivers as they make their way into trucking. “I cut ’em a little slack because they don’t realize how the industry has changed from the way their dad did it, their granddad did it,” he said of young drivers who complain about new trucking technology.

If you need to catch up on earlier entries in the series, you can see “The Story of Drivers” Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

GP Transco has garnered increasing attention for combining willingness to innovate with a driver-focused company culture. They have been awarded “Best Fleet For Drivers” by tech company Samsara as part of the 2020 Top Fleet Awards. They were also named as the highest paying “true” trucking company in the U.S. by truckdriverssalary.com in the fall of 2019.

GP Transco specializes in providing industry-leading transportation and logistics services to customers throughout the U.S. and Canada. If you’re ready to connect with a trucking company that can steer your driving career in the right direction, click here to get in touch with the team at GP Transco.

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