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Trucker gives you a peek at his pay stubs in a brutally honest one-month company review


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A truck driver and YouTuber gives viewers a zero bullish*t review of his experiences during his first month working for an Illinois carrier.

YouTube content creator “This Guy Trucks!” recently put together a detailed (and expletive-filled) video describing his first month driving for Illinois-based trucking company GP Transco. During the nearly 30 minute video review, the driver pulls no punches and gives viewers a startlingly straight-forward assessment of the company’s operations.

The video features screenshots of the driver’s gross earnings during three full weeks with GP Transco, provided to give fellow truckers an idea of how much money they might expect to bank if they made the switch from their current company.

The video also delves into other need-to-know topics, including a breakdown of the pay and bonus structure, the driver-facing camera policy, the “OpenRoad TMS” dispatch app, how the company responds to driver feedback, and how GP Transco is utilizing modern technology.

“I wish I could tell you guys I have a whole lot of complaints, I really wish I could. Because it almost feels like it’s not genuine if you don’t have something to b*tch about in a trucking company, right? But, guys, I’m out here to make money. I’m out here to provide for my family and make a good paycheck. Did I not f*cking demonstrate that that’s what’s happening? I think I did,” he concluded.

The This Guy Trucks! YouTube channel has 43.3K subscribers, and in just a few days, the GP Transco review video has garnered nearly 11,000 views.

You can view the video review for yourself below.

GP Transco is quickly and quietly earning a reputation as a destination landing spot for skilled, professional truck drivers. The company was recently awarded “Best Fleet For Drivers” by tech company Samsara as part of the 2020 Top Fleet Awards. The company was also recognized as the highest paying “true” trucking company in the U.S. by truckdriverssalary.com in the fall of 2019.

GP Transco is an award-winning mid-size carrier that provides transportation services throughout the U.S. and Canada. To learn how you can become a company driver or owner-operator at one of the fastest growing companies in the trucking industry, please click here.

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