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VIDEO: Car brings big rig to full stop on busy Dallas interstate so motorist can yell at trucker


A trucker’s dash cam captured a dangerous act of road rage in Dallas, Texas.

The dash cam video was shared by YouTube user The Traveling Life of Brian on April 18, 2024.

In the clip, you can see the driver of a red car come to a complete stop right in front of the dash cammer. The motorist then gets out of the car to give the dash cammer a piece of his mind as traffic zooms by a full speed in the other lanes.

“Before people start speculating, here is what happened- I was traveling on I-20 and the car was way behind me and to the left when I checked my mirrors to change lanes, always check both mirrors, and I guess this speeding car decided to change lanes at the same time as me, I didn’t even see him and then gets mad at me for his dumb driving, runs his mouth and drives off. But thats typical in Dallas, probably running an illegal temp tag too,” the dash cammer explained.

Check out the dash cam video for yourself below.


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