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Story Time: Road hazards come in all shapes and sizes


A truck driver and CDLLife App member had a close call with an unexpected road hazard in Missouri on Wednesday, and took to the app to tell the tale. 

The incident occurred in Greentop, Missouri on Highway 63 before dawn. 

“Close call this morning,” began app member Big Ant389. 

“Rolled past the entrance to my delivery on US 63 in Greentop, Mo so I roll onto the shoulder, put my flashers on and start backing the 50 yards or so.”

“Along comes an Amish buggy from behind and whips out right behind me, so I cut the wheel to avoid him,” and that’s when his rig went off road and partially into the ditch. Big Ant 389 then felt the rig tipping and leaped out of the cab, which nearly got him run over by the very buggy he was trying to avoid.

“Damn near rolled into the ditch. $581 later I’m back on the road headed to my next stop,” he continued.

“Tow driver said he has no idea how it stayed upright. Be safe out there everyone!”

Big Ant389 went on to explain how the buggy driver spooked him by turning on his light right as he came out from behind the tractor trailer, which is part of what led to the knee-jerk reaction that sent his rig into the ditch. He also pointed out that, while backing up on the highway may not have been the best decision, mistakes happen to even the most experienced drivers. 

In the pictures, the semi can be seen partially off the road with wheels off the ground. As the tow truck driver pointed out, it really is miraculous that his rig didn’t overturn. 

Many app users took to the comments to point out Big Ant389’s good luck in what had the potential to be a far worse situation. 

Luckily, this experience can be chalked up to a lesson learned, and the only damage done was to Big Ant389’s pocketbook. 

Drivers, never forget to expect the unexpected. You never know what you’ll encounter while OTR. Stay safe out there!


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