A police department in Texas shared video of a recent chain reaction crash in hopes of convincing drivers to use extra caution.

From the Grand Prairie Police Department:

On November 21, 2020, Grand Prairie Police, Texas Officers observed a stranded vehicle along I-30 and pulled over to block traffic. The driver had a flat tire and was waiting for a friend to arrive with a spare. The friend arrived with the tire and a backup officer blocked traffic for the friend’s car. Moments later, the driver of a van crashed into one of the squad cars and then overturned, causing a chain reaction crash. The man had fallen asleep at the wheel after a long shift. Our Officer rushed to the man’s rescue, helping him break free from his vehicle. Luckily…no one was injured.

Driver Inattention is a Leading Cause in Traffic Crashes.

Move Over

Slow Down

Stay Alive

Please, stay safe

You can view the intense video below.

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