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Truck driver details terrifying Texas truck stop encounter


A truck driver had a truly terrifying encounter at a truck stop in Texas and shared details about the incident on the CDLLife App.

According to CDLLife App user Stephanie M., the incident occurred earlier this week, in broad daylight, at a Pilot Flying J in Brookshire, Texas.

“My truck was broken into while I was asleep,” the chilling post begins.

Stephanie then described the terrifying, yet bizarre, incident.

“My truck was broken into while I was asleep. Didn’t hear a thing, I only have curtains in the sleeper, doors were locked and windows were up. Security came around and woke me up cuz I forgot to pay for parking, he wanted to know if the man had paid yet. My window had been pried down and my door open, thankfully I had everything with me in the sleeper…Stay safe, people. This happened in broad daylight,” the post states.

Stephanie said nothing was stolen from her truck but she’s shaken up from the encounter. In the comments, Stephanie said she hasn’t slept deeply since the incident occurred.

Other CDLLife App members gave her safety tips, “Use your seatbelts to wrap around the door handles,” one app user said.

“You can get a 1-inch load strap and run it from the driver’s door handle to the passenger door handle and crank them together,” another app user recommended.

Stephanie said that she’s on her way home and will be picking up her dog to go back out on the road with her.

Many suggested Stephanie carry a gun in her truck.

While there are no federal laws that prevent truckers from carrying firearms, many companies forbid it and a patchwork of state and local concealed carry rules can make it confusing for drivers to keep track of where their weapons are allowed. Many drivers have said they carry a gun for protection, but not all states honor a driver’s CC permit. 

In 2019, two bills, H.R. 38 and S. 69, were introduced to the House and the Senate that would introduce national concealed-carry reciprocity and make it easier for truckers to defend themselves. To date, neither of the concealed-carry reciprocity bills have passed.

A trucking trade group has asked the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) for relief from state and local gun regulations to give drivers hauling supplies during uncertain times caused by Coronavirus a better chance to protect themselves.


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