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Trump jokes of loadin’ up and truckin’ it “the hell out of this”


President Donald Trump joked about ‘hopping’ into a semi truck and driving “the hell out of this” at a rally in Allentown, Pennsylvania on Monday. 

The rally was held on Monday morning at HoverTech International, a medical equipment manufacturer. 

After about an hour of commentary on Biden’s positions on fracking and China, and the Trump administration’s policies surrounding COVID 19 and immigration, the President launched into a list of ‘thank yous,’ highlighting multiple congressmen before shouting out America’s truck drivers – specifically ‘Truckers for Trump.’

“I especially want to recognize the incredible ‘Truckers for Trump’ that are here tonight. Truckers!” he said as the crowd behind him stood up and erupted into cheers. 

“The ‘Truckers for Trump,’ they’re incredible people actually. I don’t know how they do it. Those are long hours driving down those highways, huh?”

Trump then glances back at the crowd, encouraging another round of cheers for truck drivers before continuing on. 

“And we got them some pretty good legislation that other people wouldn’t get them because they just don’t do those things. But we got them some pretty good legislation so thank you very much fellas we appreciate it. The women and the men.”

It’s true that trucking has gotten some attention during this administration, whether you agree with the legislation or not. 

Besides Trump’s simple praising of truckers and his support of the ‘MayDay’ protests against price gouging, the Trump administration has introduced the National Freight Strategic Plan, and even helped facilitate changes to the Hours of Service rules. 

“I think I have the truckers’ vote,” he adds several minutes later before delivering the sure-to-be-iconic line:

“By the way…  Nice trucks. You think I could hop into one of them and drive it away? I’d love to do it. Just drive the hell out of here. Just get the hell out of this.”

“I had such a good life. My life was great,” he continued. “And then I said ‘let’s do this darling. It will be a lot of fun.’ But you know what? I’m so happy with it because nobody has ever done so much in the first three and a half years. No administration.”

Despite the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and major controversy surrounding mail-in ballots, the United States Presidential Election is set to take place Tuesday, November 3rd.


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