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Lost dog reunited with owner after hitching ride with truckers


A woman and her dog were reunited in Tennessee on Tuesday after nearly two weeks apart, all thanks to the kindness of truckers. 

Elsa the dog ran away from home around two weeks ago after getting scared by a storm in Ringgold, Tennessee – and that’s when a trucker found her. The unnamed trucker found the sweet dog at a gas station all alone and decided to take her along for the ride, all while Elsa’s owner, Christy Chapman, worriedly took to Facebook to make posts about her lost pup in hopes that someone could help find her. 

Eventually, the trucker who had found Elsa saw a friend’s post on a lost and found page and made the connection – they had the dog that Chapman was looking for. 

“It’s like missing a child. You’re sending out these posts every day, you’re just begging people to please just look at my dog, look at my dog,” Chapman said.

“I had thousands of comments, hundreds of shares, and that’s exactly what got her home. The lady called and she said I think I have your dog. Priscilla in Ringgold posted it on the lost and found page,” she continued. 

That’s when Elsa’s journey really started. The trucker who initially took her on the truck was not coming back through Ringgold for a while, so she recruited some trucker friends heading that direction to help get Elsa home. 

“She switched hands a couple times. Honestly, it’s a miraculous story. The truck driver that had her obviously wasn’t coming back this way for a bit but someone else was and they knew she was picked up in the Ringgold area so they just started searching,” Chapman explained. 

“She literally traveled with them on their stops. She stopped with them. She played in their pools. She hung out in ponds across the nation.”

All in all, Elsa traveled around 1,200 miles with several different truckers, and Chapman says that she was spoiled every step of the way. She also says that she has the community of truck drivers to thank for her beloved dog’s homecoming. 

The two were reunited in nearby Cumming, Georgia on Tuesday, November 2nd and they couldn’t be happier. 

“She’s an older dog. She’s seven, and I’m not going to have her that much longer. Just having a few more years with her is going to be amazing.”


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