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Texas truckers say they’re more likely to get the one-shot version of the COVID-19 vaccine


As shipments of the new Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine reach El Paso, some Texas truckers say the one-shot version of the vaccine may be just what they need. 

While some truckers say they will not be getting the vaccine for personal or political reasons, others have concerns over the logistics of getting two doses in the correct time frame – for those drivers, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine could be a solution. This version of the COVID vaccine does not have to be kept frozen at extreme temperatures, and does not require a booster shot, making it both easier to transport and distribute, and easier to get for those with transient lifestyles such as truckers. 

“We’ve been busy, keeping things going for everybody. When I heard about the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, I knew that would be best for me,” said Pat Becker, a truck driver with Mesilla Valley Transportation.

“[The last year has] been difficult. I’m lucky to work for a company that protects us all,” he continued to KFOX 14 News.

“These guys are out there fighting the weather, fighting the traffic, fighting the disease and going through thick and thin. They really need to be vaccinated,” said Royal Jones, president and CEO of Mesilla Valley Transportation.

“That one shot is perfect for him or her and then they can go out on the road and be fixed. They won’t have to come in and miss a trip to New York or something with good miles because they have an appointment the next day,” said Jones.

Despite multiple attempts from multiple parties to get truckers bumped up on the vaccination priority list, drivers will still have to wait until phase 1c opens, which could still take a few months unless more doses become available.


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