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This driver’s close-call might just be the lesson we need on gunning it through a yellow light


A truck driver’s recent close call may just be the perfect lesson on gunning it through a yellow light at an intersection. 

CDLLife App member and truck driver ‘Big City’ shared an important post early Thursday morning, highlighting what could happen when motorists decide to just ‘go for it.’ 

“Good morning Diesel Lovers,” the post begins. “So I’m at a red light in Lima, OH a few days ago when a 4 wheeler hits the gas to make the yellow light just as a Chevy Suburban is making a left turn. Bam 💥 the SUV gets T-boned and starts rolling like a tumbleweed right toward my truck. 😳”

Big City goes on to describe just how close of a call it truly was. 

“It stopped just far enough for a person to squeeze between the two of us. I jumped down and pulled the driver from the SUV, luckily he and the striking vehicle motorist were all ok, just shook up and some minor bumps and bruises.”

“Scared the hell out of me, but I’m glad everyone was ok. Be safe out there everyone & make that money 💰 while it’s out there. 😎🤟” he concluded. 

Fellow drivers took to the comments to share their relief about how the situation turned out, and even shared their own close-call stories. 

“Glad they’re ok. But got to wonder if they learned anything from it,” wrote one. 

“Did you have a dash cam?” asked another. 

One even took the time to write out their experience with a very specific kind of drunk driver. 

Moral of the story: Always proceed with caution when traveling through a yellow light – you never know who might be making a left turn. 

Stay safe out there, drivers!


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