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This futuristic technology exposes drowsy drivers


A technology developing company has introduced a new in-cabin sensor intended to detect and prevent drowsy, distracted, or otherwise dangerous driving amongst truck drivers.

Cipia, formerly Eyesight Technologies, is a provider of in-cabin sensing solutions for the automotive industry. They’ve recently created a cutting edge device, Fleet Sense, which is a video telematics and driver monitoring device for telematics system providers. Combining computer vision and artificial intelligence, the device detects drowsiness, distraction, or dangerous actions in tailored real-time alerts. Advanced features include recognition of enrolled drivers and detection of actions such as wearing a seatbelt, smoking and holding a cellphone.

Fleet Sense tracks the driver’s facial movements: their head pose, eyelids and direction of gaze to provide real-time assessment of the driver’s state. 

Since these types of devices are able to notify dispatch of distracted driving, some drivers are wary of these in-cab “always-watching” cameras. Cipa guarantees that privacy is one of their top priorities, all video processing is done locally on the device. The end customer may choose whether to receive text-based alerts only or include video snippets before and after an event. In both cases, Cipia Technologies claims that it does not receive any video data of any kind.

Check out the new technology at work by watching the video below.


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