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Trucking-family kindness isn’t reserved for just truckers in this story


Kindness towards those around you is not just reserved for fellow truck drivers while OTR, sometimes motorists need a little helping, hand too – That’s where this trucker stepped in. 

CDLLife App user and truck driver, James T., recently took to the app to share a heartwarming story of helping those around you, truck driver or not. 

“A little kindness goes a long way whether or not the person is a driver,” James wrote in his post. 

“Yesterday morning before I picked up my load there was a lady at Love’s in her little hatchback car. Looked like she was living out of it. Her back tire was flat, ice and snow built up around the fenders – everything. I told her to wait for me for three hours and I’ll be back in to help her out. Went got loaded, came back and she was still waiting for me.”

James then went on to explain how he helped her air her tire back up for free, bought her gas, extra coolant and oil, and purchased her some food for the road. 

“Then when she wasn’t looking I slipped two $50 bills into her purse,” he added. 

“At one point in my life I was in her exact place,” James explained. “I had a job but I was living out of my F-150 pickup.”

“I did it because I’m that type of person. I will help out somebody if they need it.”

“I’ve done the same thing. You’re awesome!” commented one fellow App member. 

“You’re the man James. Good on you,” wrote another. 

Great job, Trucking fam. Keep up the good work! 


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