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VIDEO: A motorist harassed a trucker for 50 miles, but the driver got the last laugh


A YouTube user shared dash cam video of his aggravating encounter with a motorist who is determined to wreck a trucker’s day.

The dash cam clip was shared by YouTube user Mihail G on March 20, 2021.

They explained what happened in the video description:

I understand one or twice but for 50 miles he’s was pissing me off 🙁 And always driving beside a saw my truck is dangerous , if I’m not mistaking I think it’s illegal to ? Plus he was always swerving on the lane, was drunk drugged I don’t know or a gangster ? I was slowing down 60 miles per hour the person was to I was accelerating 75 the person was accelerating to for 50 miles 🙁 So I had enough of him call 911 reported him 🙂 Then he pulled that stamp on the front of the cops to LOL I was Tired and some rookie to make my day harder ;( Ohio i-71S, M/M-143, Date- 03/20/2021, Time- 01:08am

You can view the dash cam clip below.


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