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VIDEO: Intense wrong-way crash captured on parked trucker’s dash cam


A high-speed wrong-way crash was captured on a trucker’s dash cam in Florida recently. 

CDLLife App user and truck driver, Lucas N., says he was parked in Lakeland, Florida facing the street when his dashcam captured a black car speeding down the roadway in the wrong direction. 

“Black car was going like a bat out of hell down the wrong side of the road,” Lucas wrote. 

“Wow… Things the dashcam catches when I’m not looking,” he continued. 

In the clip, the car can be seen speeding on the wrong side of the road before spinning out in an apparent attempt to avoid an oncoming red car. The black car then clips the front passenger side of the oncoming car before jumping the curb and smashing into a nearby building. 

After a moment, two people can be seen climbing out of the black car through the passenger side door just before the driver of the red car rushes over to check on the other driver. 

Luckily, it appears as if everyone involved in the wreck escaped the incident without serious injury, but the video does leave us with some questions. 

Why was the driver on the wrong side of the road? And if there were two people in the car, how did neither notice they had made such a serious driving error? Maybe they were from a country where left-side driving is the norm? Maybe they were just engaged in a fascinating conversation?

Let us know what you think, and check out the clip below. 


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