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WATCH: A brief tutorial on floating gears from one driver to another


A CDLLife App member and truck driver recently took to the app to share a brief tutorial on floating gears for “anyone who wanted to know but didn’t want to ask.”

App member “Chipmunk Express” used a camera rigged somewhere above him to offer a bird’s eye view of his gear floating demonstration. 

“I’m no expert. This is just my interpretation of how it’s done,” he wrote. “I’m no instructor.”

In the short video, Chipmunk Express guides viewers through a simple, yet effective demonstration, and even leaves the issue open for suggestion. 

“Constructive input is welcome,” he wrote. “Some tips: It’s more difficult with the engine brakes on. I almost always have mine on and they were on in the video, but it’s up to each driver’s preference. Depending on your weight I’m sure it’s easier or harder. And it’s almost impossible to do with cruise control on.”

“Every driver should know how to do this,” commented one fellow App user. 

“I taught my daughter how to float gears in a mustang while she was in college……none of her friends even know how to drive a manual ( male or female) needless to say she was the queen.”

“You done okay to me driver,” added another. 

Do you have any useful suggestions for those looking to float gears?

Check out the brief, amateur tutorial video, below.


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