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WATCH: Just how many seconds does it take for a trucker to go from dead asleep to jotting down a license plate?


CDLLife App member and truck driver Pistol Lizze recently took to the app to prove just how fast a trucker can move when it comes to the well-being of their truck. 

Since its posting yesterday, the video has gained more than 100 likes, and nearly as many comments from drivers sympathizing, empathizing, and even offering advice for next time. 

“My dashcam footage of TA in ‘Crash’ville, Tn,” Pistol Lizzie joked in the caption. 

In the clip, a dash cam is rolling as Lizzie and her dog rest quietly. As another rig begins to pull out of their spot on the passenger side, text rolls across the video frame asking this question: “How many seconds would it take to go from sound asleep in bed to wide awake standing barefoot outside reading someone’s license plate?”

In the video, a loud crash can be heard and the cab visibly shakes as the other driver sideswipes Pistol Lizzie’s rig with their trailer, sending her dog into a barking frenzy – and that’s when the ‘timer’ begins. 

A number appears on the screen, counting the amount of time it takes for Pistol Lizzie to make it from asleep in her bed to outside, jotting down a license plate number. 

“No way I could get out there that fast,” commented one fellow app member and truck driver. 

“Ya, it wouldn’t take me long either,” added another. 

Just how long did it take? Check out the video below to find out. Be careful out there, drivers!


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