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WATCH: Trucker’s special video PSA to all you four-wheelers out there


A truck driver gives a lesson on truck-blinker etiquette for any potentially clueless four-wheelers out there. 

“Alright we have to have a talk. For those of you who don’t drive a truck, when a truck hits their blinker, what do you see?!”

“It’s just a regular left turn signal, so when I hit my blinker and I see a motorist making a face like this… I’m really wondering what is going on.”

To conclude, the driver goes on to explain highway ‘thank you’ etiquette. Hint: No brights please. 

Check out the Public Service Announcement below. 


PSA non trucking people! And some trucking people who have no common sense! #truckertok #rabbitriverboys #foryou #ifykyk #fyp

♬ original sound – Dakota Punches

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