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Choking trucker ends up balanced on barrier wall 


A semi truck ended up on top of a barrier wall in British Columbia on Wednesday morning after the driver started choking and lost control of the rig. 

The incident happened on August 10th in Campbell River along Highway 19.

According to CTV News, the driver started choking while he was driving empty and tried to stay in his lane, but ended up on top of the barrier wall. Thankfully, no one was hurt, including the driver, who was well enough to speak with other drivers stopped in traffic as a result of the accident. 

“I talked to the driver and he was choking and trying to stay in his lane, and the truck obviously hit the ‘no-post’ and climbed up on there and ruptured a fuel tank,” said a commercial driver who was stuck in the highway closure.

The accident shut both the south and northbound sides of Highway 19 as crews worked to determine the best way to remove the truck from the odd position. 

“We’ve got a fuel spill that we’re responding to with the local fuel response team and we have both lanes [closed] due to that,” said Don Bachmier, road foreman for Mainroad Contracting’s Campbell River region. “We can’t let anybody track that fuel down the road more than necessary.”

“With the power lines here we won’t be doing any lifting at all, we’re going to have to be doing some pulling with the big wrecker,” he said. “I’ve never seen them stuck on there, they usually go over or through [the barrier]. I’ve never seen them stuck on the middle.” 

The wreck was cleared in a few hours. No further information has been released. 


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