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Convoy confirms plans for return of co-founder, weekend rally


The People’s Convoy has confirmed that it will return to the DC Beltway on Thursday and has even planned a rally for Saturday. 

The convoy was scheduled to return to the beltway along a “follow the leader” route today, March 24th. The roll was livestreamed. 

The convoy also has a “Rally with the doctors and live Q & A”  planned for Saturday, March 26th at Hagerstown Speedway in Maryland from 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. which will include one of the convoy’s founders, Brian Brase, as well as two doctors – one of whom infamously appeared on a controversial episode of the Joe Rogan podcast. Brian Brase had reportedly headed home earlier this week to see his family and retrieve his semi truck for future convoy participation. 

Maureen Steele, a spokesperson for the People’s Convoy, says that the convoy is protesting because “the [Covid] cure was worse than the disease, suicide rates through the roof, divorce through the roof.” Steele also assures ever-concerned officials that the official convoy has no plans to enter DC proper. 

“If we change our minds we’ll let you know,” Steele said to ABC 7. “As of right now, no, we’re not going.”


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