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Convoy organizer takes a break as participants fall sick, look for new base camp


The organizer of the People’s Convoy has stepped away to spend some time with his family and retrieve his semi truck to continue the convoy’s protests. 

The People’s Convoy has been lapping the DC Beltway for the last 27 days, but as the group inches its way towards a month total of supporting constitutional rights and protesting COVID regulations and vaccine mandates, they seem to be losing momentum. 

The group’s previous deadline to clear out of the Hagerstown Speedway by Thursday, March 24th has been extended another week by Hagerstown Speedway officials, but the group has been plagued by a cold-like illness that has affected some of the more vocal participants such as OTR Survival (John Bigard), which has been noted by other protest livestreamers such as Sasnak (Stan) reported WUSA 9 News. OTR Survival described the illness as “being hit by a bus,” and a reporter who has been covering the demonstrations says that “more and more truckers with The People’s Convoy have complained about becoming sick with a bad cough.”

Over the weekend, People’s Convoy organizer, Brian Brase, announced that he is heading home to visit his family and retrieve his semi truck to bring back to the continuing demonstration. He did not specify how many days he would be gone. 

In addition to the sickness and absence of the Convoy organizer, the group has experienced pushback from DC residents, with pedestrians and bicyclists intentionally blocking their paths. DC police have also been setting up rolling road blocks for days in an attempt to keep the convoy moving and away from the capitol. Vocal participants in the convoy, namely Ron Coleman, recently questioned the constitutionality of these roadblocks and posed the idea that perhaps a citizen’s arrest of officers, the DC police chief, and even the DC mayor would be an appropriate response to these roadblocks. 

Requests for comments from the Maryland police Department, aforementioned livestreamers, and Hagerstown Speedway officials have not been returned to WUSA 9 News.


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