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Georgia town responds to backlash over residential big rig parking rule


City leaders in Tifton, Georgia, have issued a statement in response to online backlash over a residential truck parking rule.

Late last month, the Tifton Police Department took to Facebook to remind drivers about City Ordinance 78-33 forbidding semi truck or trailer parking in residential streets or in residential yards. The ordinance has been in place for several years. According to local outlet WALB, Tifton Police Chief Steve Hyman shared the post as a reminder to truck drivers following several complaints from residents about trucks.

The Facebook post was met with hundreds of comments, many from members of the trucking industry who say that they felt disrespected and disappointed by the community’s parking policy.

The Tifton Police Department’s Facebook post has since been deleted.

The City of Tifton issued the following statement in an attempt to clear up any misunderstandings about the truck parking rule. Check it out below.

The City of Tifton recognizes the importance of the commercial driving industry and the work of commercial truck drivers and we apologize if the recent educational piece posted by the Tifton Police Department caused any confusion or concerns. It is important for us to address it and understand the concerns raised.

Just to clarify the facts, the City of Tifton does have a long-standing ordinance on the books that address “Truck Routes” and “Weigh Limits” which is common in most cities, especially for residential areas. This particular ordinance is meant to be a guide and lists specifics related to trucks and regulations. The police department does field numerous calls about semi’s in the middle of neighborhoods and the noise they create late at night or early in the morning. Other complaints are usually from a safety standpoint for children or pedestrian traffic.

In responding to local residential complaints, it is common practice of the City of Tifton Police Department to educate the operator of the truck, provide a warning outlining the rules, and to offer possible solutions about parking their truck outside of the residential area in the future. In some cases, the police officer finds that the operator was unaware of such information. The City of Tifton does realize this is difficult at times and that is why we try to balance enforcing the rules with any local trucking professionals and the local residents who complain about the interruption of their quality of life for specific residential areas.

Being in the center of three main GDOT roadways, Tifton/Tift County is fortunate to have a few major truck stops that offer many amenities for trucks and their drivers and we welcome the movement of commercial traffic thru Tifton along the designated routes. For those drivers who may reside in the City of Tifton, we are open to conversations regarding finding a possible alternative solution for parking.

Because of the weight demands for truck combinations, it is critical that we try to preserve our pavement on secondary streets that may not be suitable for excess weights as well as protect shallow water and sewer lines that could be damaged or lead to a safety situation.

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