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Georgia town that bans truckers from parking at their own home hit by online backlash


Social media users have spoken out about the efforts of local Georgia police to enforce a truck parking ordinance in the city of Tifton.

The Tifton Police Department recently took to Facebook to remind drivers about City Ordinance 78-33 forbidding semi truck or trailer parking in residential streets, or in residential yards.

The ordinance also forbids truckers from leaving designated truck routes and entering a residential street unless they are making a delivery “as established by the city of Tifton.”

Drivers who violate the ordinance are guilty of a city offense and subject to fines “not to exceed $1,000.00 and imprisonment in the city or county jail not exceeding 180 days, or both a fine and sentence of imprisonment and labor; and all sentences may be in the alternative and fines may be imposed with the alternative of sentence to imprisonment and labor if the fines are not paid,” according to city code.

The ordinance is not new, but was reportedly brought to public attention due to an increase in concern about truck parking in residential areas. According to local outlet WALB, Tifton Police Chief Steve Hyman shared the post following several complaints from residents about trucks.

Since Hyman shared the post on February 27, more than 350 commenters have taken to Facebook to share their opinions. Here’s what they’re saying:

Sounds like the town of Tifton needs to do without anything brought by truck for a while until they back off this stupid crap. Everyone wants to say “there’s a trucker shortage” “we need drivers” “why are the store shelves so empty” but then they want to make it hard for people to actually BE truckers. I hope Tifton sees the error of their ways and reverses this,” said one commenter.

At a time where we need truckers more than ever and truckers are standing up for their country when others won’t, this is an idiotic slap in their face. A persons can’t provide for themselves and their family driving a semi and then come park their means of making a living on their own property? Sounds like Tifton needs some new leadership ship in law, municipal ordinances, and code enforcement. Absolute garbage,” another person said.

Dear mayor and police dept of this crappy little town. All us drivers want at the end of the day, make it home safely. Which is apparently against the law if you try to bring your bobtail to your house. Our job is hard enough. Shame on you,” said another commenter.

Unless the neighborhood has an HOA that forbids it or if the infrastructure doesn’t support it, the government should NOT tell me what it is that I can and can’t park on MY land. I have frequently hauled chemicals into and out of Tifton. They won’t see my truck again. I’d rather haul somewhere out west where the parking is friendlier and I’m a little more appreciated for the work I do,” said a Facebook commenter.


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