On Monday, a group of protesters took to Washington D.C. roadways, temporarily snarling traffic.

On the morning of Monday, July 4, members of the 1776 Restoration Movement participated in multiple convoys in the D.C. area.

The group says that its mission is to “peacefully redress our grievances and demand OUR government restore the Rule of Law and restore Our Constitutional Rights.”

The group reported that four convoys were positioned in such a way as to safely bring traffic to a stop for around 30 minutes.

Maryland State Police responded to convoy-related traffic delays at on I-270 and I-95.

The group released a statement on Tuesday morning to provide context about the demonstration and to let the public know that they are “NOT the People’s Convoy.”

In the statement, the group explained that their purpose was to exercise their First Amendment rights. The group also implied that more protest activities could follow in the days to come.

See below for the group’s full statement.

This spring, another protest group called the People’s Convoy demonstrated in Washington D.C.

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