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People’s Convoy has “learned some stuff since last time” and is heading back to DC 


The People’s Convoy says they are ready to head back to Washington DC after a brief stint in California. 

The convoy headed back to California at the end of March after several weeks of protesting in Washington DC. During their stay in California, the convoy protested several bills, mostly related to public health policies related to COVID-19. The convoy was met with protesters armed with eggs during at least one of these demonstrations.

“If passed, these bills set the stage for other states to introduce similar laws. We know that what starts in CA, spreads to other blue and purple states, and potentially at a federal level. This affects everyone!” organizers said on the group’s website.

The group’s return to DC has been confirmed on their Facebook page and appears to have been announced during a speech by popular convoy participant, “Santa,” otherwise known as David Riddell. 

“When we left, you guys laughed at us, you made fun of us, you placated us with little—cute little words. You came out and had your little photo-op meetings with us–that’s going to happen no more. We are done listening to your lies. We bought them for a little bit.  We thought you guys actually believed in what we were standing for and we actually believed you were going to do what we asked you to do as our representatives,” he said. 

“[We have] learned some stuff since last time,” Riddell continued, urging “tens of thousands of all of you to get in your vehicles and join with us and come to Washington, DC.” 

“Enough is enough. When we go back to DC, we are not the same convoy that went there the first time. We are not the same convoy that left there. We are coming back with teeth and a backbone!”

In addition to their return to Washington DC, several convoy members have banded together to file a lawsuit against DC officials for preventing the group from entering the city. 

“The blockades were not the result of construction, auto accidents, or even scheduled road closures. MPD formed the blockades for the sole purpose of preventing American citizens from entering our nation’s capital to exercise their constitutionally protected right to free speech. Of course, such action under color of state law violates Plaintiffs’ First Amendment rights,” the suit states.

The convoy has already left California and is currently rallying at Stateline Speedway in post Falls, Idaho. They plan to hold a rally on May 4th, and set out for Washington DC on the 5th. 


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