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Illinois trooper gives a heartfelt shout-out to a fuel hauler for safe driving on I-74


An Illinois State Patrol (ISP) Trooper gave a truck driver hauling fuel some major recognition for his safe driving.

ISP’s “Trooper Tracy” Lillard took to Facebook on Friday morning to draw attention to the skill and professionalism of a fuel truck driver she recently encountered on I-74.

Dear Fuel Hauler, I saw you on I-74 coming up behind me.

You moved over when I was merging back onto the road from the shoulder of the ramp. As you passed me I saw you were a fuel tanker. You had your blinker on to move back into the driving lane in front of me and I flashed my headlights at you.

You safely moved in, flashing your lights back at me.

A warm trucker hug. That’s what that means to me. I grew up with an appreciation of truck drivers as my dad has driven a semi since before I was born.

I followed you from Downs, through Bloomington-Normal and on up I-39 on my way to Olgesby. You pulled off at Wenona, about 20 miles before I exited. I highly doubt you realized I was a state trooper. I was in an unmarked silver squad.

I saw the trucking company you were hauling for was out of Sullivan, IL. That’s near my stomping grounds. You had some sweet smoke stacks on your truck.

I felt safe traveling near you on the roadway. I think I passed you once due to traffic, but I seemed to just stay behind and enjoy the drive. You moved over for other merging traffic. You used your blinker, obeyed the speed limit, and respected driver’s following distance.

I was on the interstates traveling to a college to visit and before I left the house my daughters told me “Be Safe Mom”. It’s people like you that make me happy to be a state trooper. I assume you have a family at home too that you want to return safely to at the end of your work day.

You showed several true signs of a great driver. I felt comfortable sharing the road with you…and that’s why I chose to fall in behind you and take in the scenery and listen to the radio.

You have a huge responsibility as a trucker hauling fuel.

Your placard read 1203. I hope others recognize that placard and type of tanker you pull and the importance of driving safe around such vehicles.

I appreciate you and applaud your driving I witnessed. I may be in Recruitment now, but I will always continue to shout out the drivers with the great behavior I see.

Well done Sir. Well done.

Sincerely, Trooper Tracy

In a matter of just a few hours, Trooper Tracy’s message made it all the way to the driver’s wife.

Over the years, Trooper Tracy has taken the time to recognize truck drivers for their safe driving and courtesy on multiple occasions.


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