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POLICE: Man arrested after shooting trucker in the chest for poor driving, nearly running over father 


A man was arrested in Indiana earlier this week for an incident involving a truck driver he claims nearly ran over his father after driving poorly. 

The incident happened on August 29th near Crown Point, Indiana. 

According to the truck driver involved in the incident, the 64-year-old truck driver was heading east on Melton Road behind 26-year-old Paul Sloat and his father in a Ford sedan when the Ford turned into a parking lot. The trucker then passed the Ford on the right and then moved into the left lane because of construction.  The Ford then began following the driver and an “irate” older man got out of the car and began yelling at the trucker while the vehicles were stopped on Lake Street. 

The trucker told police that he kept his windows closed while the man yelled and noticed a younger man approaching the driver’s side of his truck, who attempted to open the truck door. The trucker then pulled the door closed and began to pull forward, and the younger man fired at least six shots, striking the trucker in the chest. The trucker then made his way to an Indiana Department of Transportation building for safety, Northwest Indiana Times reports. 

Other reports show that the trucker took Slot’s sideview mirror off as he passed them on the left Sloat’s father got out of the Ford yelling “You took my (expletive) mirror off,” and then  “positioned himself near the front driver’s side of the semitruck with his hand on the front in a manner to attempt to stop the semitruck,” when the trucker tried to drive off. 

At least one witness to the incident claims that the truck driver appeared to intentionally attempt to run over Sloat’s father. 

Sloat is currently facing attempted murder, aggravated battery, battery by means of a deadly weapon and battery resulting in serious bodily injury charges. He is being held on $75,000 bail.


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