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VIDEO: Man arrested after hurling insults at trucker over parking job 


A man was arrested after aggressively insulting and threatening a trucker over his parking job in Georgia last week. 

The incident happened outside of a McDonald’s in Acworth, Georgia on August 24th. 

In the video the trucker recorded of the incident, the driver appears to be walking back towards his truck after a lunch break when 63-year-old David McConnell approaches him and immediately begins yelling insults and slurs over the way his truck is parked. 

“Dumba** ***** that don’t know where to park his f***ing truck,” McConnell screams. 

“Nobody can get around your stupid a**. They can’t get around your stupid a**. I want to knock the f***ing hell out of you in a minute… You want my name? You want my license? It says f*** you *****.”

“I parked along the curve here. I walked in and grabbed food and as I was walking out he was coming in and he started yelling and cursing,” the trucker, who has not disclosed his identity, said to Fox 5.

“I brushed it off and walked out and came back to my truck to do an inspection. He came back out continuing to yell using racial slurs… [In the McDonald’s] I held the door open for this guy. I smiled at him as he walked in. Any hate he might have had, I thought he would have changed his demeanor,” the trucker continued. 

The driver was able to jot down McConnell’s license plate number during the incident, which led to McConnell’s arrest. He has since been charged with assault. 

The man was able to get the license plate number to give to Cherokee County Sheriff’s deputies who ultimately arrested 63-year-old David McConnell and charged him with simple assault.

“I was shocked. With everything going on, I was afraid, actually, and I just didn’t know what was to come,” the driver continued. 

“Instead of resulting to violence, the video can show my restraint, and show there are other ways to handle the situation. I just want people to respect each other.”


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