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WATCH: Bobtail driver has no time to waste getting out of the fuel line


A truck driver does not have the time to wait for the line to move after fueling up his bobtail in this video. 

In the clip, the driver manages to wedge his way between the truck up ahead of him and the truck in the fuel island to his left, wiggling his way out of the small gap left there. The whole thing happened at the Love’s just west of Indianapolis. 

“Hey, if he hit nothing, I’d call that a W,” commented one viewer. 

“Yea, I give the dude props. I’ve squeezed my happy ass around people myself, but never done anything like that,” added another. 

“​​You all have some interesting stories. I just sit there and grumble to myself while I cite derogatory words and phrases at the person playing king casual in the store like I’m performing black magic on them. Then I am over it once I hit the road,” commented a third. 

“I’m usually the same way honestly. Only been 2 times I actually got out and said something. Both times the guy was just sitting in his truck like it was his personal lunch break spot,” answered the video poster.


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