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WATCH: Trucker helps out stalled biker chick 


A truck driver did what he could to lend a hand to a woman on a stalled motorcycle in this dash cam video. 

In the clip, the trucker is stopped on a highway behind a motorcycle that has apparently stalled. The woman on the bike struggles to get it started to no avail, so the driver decides to take matters into his own hands. 

“I don’t know if she ran out of gas or…. There’s really no place for her to [get to the shoulder],” the driver says. 

Instead of driving off, the trucker then begins blocking traffic in the lanes to the right, allowing the biker chick to get to the shoulder without getting smashed. 

“Just wanted to give her a little cover,” he says as he maneuvers the rig. “Guess that’s all I can do.”

Check out the sweet video for yourself, below. 


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