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48% of Americans say they respect truckers for their hard work and sacrifice, survey shows


A new survey from trucking technology provider CloudTrucks shows that nearly half of Americans respect truckers for their hard work and sacrifice.

For the “How America Thinks and Talks Trucks” survey, CloudTrucks surveyed 2,000 U.S. adults in October 2023. The purpose of the survey was to dig deeper into the public perception of the trucking industry, the company said.

Key takeaways from the survey show that most Americans recognize truckers for the important work that they do to keep the economy moving. Eighty percent of respondents agreed that “truck drivers play a crucial role in the economy.” Thirty-three percent said that truck drivers are not compensated adequately for the work they do.

When asked what they would think if they met a truck driver in a social setting, 48% reported that they would feel respect for the driver’s hard work, sacrifices and contributions to society. Forty-six percent said that they would be interested in hearing about the trucking industry and the driver’s experience traveling over the road. Thirty-six percent said that they would anticipate having an enjoyable conversation with the truck driver they met.

The survey also looked at trucking terminology from a regional perspective. Nationwide, the most popular term is “18 wheeler.” Southerners prefer “18 wheeler,” midwesterners use the words “semi” or “semi-truck,” and those in the northwest prefer the term “tractor trailer.” Westerners also prefer “semi-truck” to other terms.

The survey touched on what state the public believes is most stringent in its enforcement of trucking regulations. Forty percent said New York is the toughest state on truckers, followed by Georgia at 18%, Arizona at 17%, North Dakota at 13%, and Wyoming, also at 13%.

You can click here for more survey results.


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