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Dash cammer says trucker committed a ‘smoke and run,’ leading to multi-vehicle crash


A motorist shared dash cam video that of the moments leading up to a multi-vehicle crash in Santa Barbara County, California, earlier this month.

The crash occurred between 7 and 8 p.m. on February 1, 2023, on Highway 154 over the Cold Spring Bridge, according to local outlet Edhat.com.

The outlet reports that five vehicles were involved in a crash on the bridge, leaving four people with moderate injuries that required hospitalization.

Motorist Patrick L. Siefe shared dash cam video from the incident, arguing that smoke from a passing truck contributed to the crash on the bridge.

“The accident (7 cars) from my Dashcam… Watch the 18 wheeler in oncoming traffic, which was a “smoke and run”… If you know anyone who has a dash camera who was going up the 154 Toward Solvang between 7-8PM February 1st, please put them in touch with me! Most likely they have better video of the 18 wheeler that caused this which would be of use to the drivers (and passengers) of the 7 cars involved in this which could help Identify him,” Siefe said in a Facebook post.

See the dash cam clip below.


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