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Inconsiderate wiggle wagon pulls in front of driver with the green light 


A truck driver hauling triples pulls out in front of a fellow driver in this dash cam video. 

The clip shows a trucker in his new rig cruising through his green light at an intersection in Seattle. A driver hauling triples then decides to turn right at a red light, forcing the driver with the green light to hit the brakes. 

“First day in my new truck and this d**che did this. What are your thoughts?” the filming trucker asked in the video caption. 

“That was a bullsh*t move! Especially while pulling wiggle wagons,” one driver commented. 

“Sadly, this sort of thing happens all the time nowadays. You get pissed for a bit then move on. We can’t fix stupid,” wrote a second trucker. 

Watch the bonehead move for yourself below. 

First day in my new truck and this douche did this. What are your thoughts? Seattle wa
by u/Ill_Ad_2659 in Truckers

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