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Truck driver carrying legally fired after officer chooses to mention the firearm on inspection paperwork 


A truck driver feels he’s better off fired than dead after recently losing his job over legally carrying a concealed weapon. 

The driver in question took to Reddit to share his recent experience, and subsequent consequences, after passing a Level 1 inspection in Kentucky recently. 

“I worked in KY as an overnight delievery driver [sic]. Usually 10-14 stops a night, never left KY. I delievered [sic] in really sketchy low income areas, and never felt safe. So I carried a conceal [sic] firearm legally,” the driver wrote in a post.

Was fired for carrying a firearm for local night deliveries
by u/Early-Ambassador-723 in Truckers

“Well I was pulled over by a state trooper who decided to do a level 1 inspection on me. I politely informed the officer that I had a conceal carry on me, and he wrote it down on the level 1 inspection for whatever reason (passed the level 1, no violations). Well I had to turn the inspection over to my place of employment and they fired me.”

Thankfully for the driver, the termination of employment ended up leading him to a higher paying job, but that doesn’t make it morally or ethically right – and that’s what has the driver bothered. 

“I already have another local job lined up starting Friday with better pay. I just think its [sic] funny that these trucking companies expect us to deliever [sic] expensive merchandise in the middle of the night, and hope we don’t get robbed or murdered,” they continued. 

“They preach safety but they really don’t seem to care about my safety at all….”

The fellow drivers who read the post seemed to share the same sentiment: “Oh well. Better off fired than dead.” 

This sort of thing happens to truck drivers all the time, all across the United States. (Here is our most recent story about a trucker-with-a-gun situation.) What is your take on this kind of situation?


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